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Modern dental practice in the heart of Weiden

In 2006, we opened our practice space in the center of Weiden in the Wörthstraße. Close to Issy-les-Moulineaux Square. For three months, the premises in which it has already been used to a doctor’s office, redesigned so that they meet the needs of a modern enterprise needs practice. However, we have focused our attention here not only to expediency. Ultimately, we want that patients feel comfortable with us. This includes, of course, create the appropriate interior design in a friendly atmosphere.

By the way: Our waiting area is not very large – and with good reason. With the help of effective time management, we want to reduce the waiting times for our patients as possible to a minimum, if not avoided altogether. Good service starts with the thoughtful scheduling and guarantees can be given quickly that even in emergencies and to avoid long stays still in the waiting area for the other patients.

Our two treatment rooms are equipped with the most modern dental equipment. For intensive diagnosis our dental practice also has a separate X-ray room. Thanks to modern technology, the burden of medical X-ray examination is kept as low as possible.

Our services include aesthetic dentistry, cosmetic corrections and prevention as well as the professional dentures.

The central location of our practice is also easy to reach. Parking is available nearby. For example, near the central bus station, in the garage or along the avenue Sedanstraße.

We invite you to take a tour in our practice:

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