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Dentures – Not just an issue for the elderly in Weiden

Dentures are not just an issue for older people. Even at a young age, it may be necessary – by underlying diseases or accident – the need to get into a dental prosthesis. It is thanks to medical research in the field now so far that an artificial tooth – or even a complete dentures – in everyday life makes no complaints and basically as good as a real one. This is made possible by, among other things, the implant that the patient guarantees a pain-free life and provides an optically perfect result.

Implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium, which are used in the jaw bone. After a mean healing time of 3 to 6 months, these implants are joined, taking into account an optimal aesthetics with the crown structure. The meantime is bridged by a temporary structure that enables a symptom-free life.

Through these artificial roots we are able to replace missing teeth without touching healthy adjacent teeth. Often a better alternative to a so-called “bridge” among the many healthy teeth must be damaged in order to secure the replacement for the really bad tooth can. Implants allow optimal aesthetic and functional restorations and also prevent the loss of teeth in otherwise threatening bone loss.

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