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Our range of services includes the following

Dental Aesthetics

Cosmetic corrections

Naturally healthy teeth have an enchanting effect on every person. There is therefore a specialization in dentistry that deals exclusively with the beauty of the teeth. The object of aesthetic dentistry is – just as in the plastic surgery – is to restore the natural beauty. Modern dentistry offers us the opportunities to do so.

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Healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime

True to the motto: “Prevention is better than repair” includes prophylaxis all precautionary measures to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. It is therefore an essential component for healthy and beautiful teeth.

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Dentures – Not just an issue for the elderly in Weiden

Dentures are not just an issue for older people. Even at a young age, it may be necessary – by underlying diseases or accident – the need to get into a dental prosthesis. It is thanks to medical research in the field now so far that an artificial tooth – or even a complete dentures – in everyday life makes no complaints and basically as good as a real one. This is made possible by, among other things, the implant that the patient guarantees a pain-free life and provides an optically perfect result.

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