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We warmly welcome you in our dental clinic in the heart of Oberpfalz/Bavaria. You will find us in Wörthstraße 8, Weiden.

Your dentist in Weiden – Dr. Christoph Radeck

Healthy teeth mean a better quality of life. The goal of our qualified practice team is to get you this quality of life into old age.

We attach great importance, therefore, not only on a thorough diagnosis and treatment of dental problems according to the latest – but also to prophylaxis. Our philosophy is: It is left to the best does not even come so far that it hurts.

We will treat you professionally and competently in all areas of dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery. Together we will develop a treatment plan that is put into the consideration to your individual needs. The transparency of our treatment here is very important.

On the following pages of our website we would like to introduce not only our practice in the center of Weiden, but also our services in more detail, covering all areas of competent care.

Your dentist Dr. Christoph Radeck

Dentures – almost as good as the “real”

The issue of “false teeth” has now lost its horror to happiness. Ill-fitting or pressing dentures, under which patients suffered earlier often belong to the past. Thanks to the rapid pace of developments in the field of implant dentistry in recent years can patients with a dental prosthesis for various reasons will need to be helped to continue to lead a carefree life. The dentures on implants is one of the focal points of our dental practice. More about dentures.

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